Open Ground Change Foundation is a philanthropic organization at the Batten School of Public Policy at the University of Virginia. We are committed to using our resources to encourage entrepreneurship in both Charlottesville and the global community.

The foundation members include Kathryne Appleby, Peter Dorsey, Sydney Dillon, and Matt Brown.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Open Ground Change Foundation is to provide individuals who lack capital because of poverty, poor credit, or other social, cultural, and economic barriers, and have entrepreneurial vision, with financial resources (i.e. micro-loans  micro-grants  etc.) and/or educational tools.  We hope our gifts create transformational impact in that they allow these individuals to realize their business vision and ultimately improve their financial situation. We envision this impact will also extend to the local community because of the exemplary nature of the business endeavors–environmentally, socially, ethically or otherwise–in which our foundation invests.